Research Grants

We offer support for all staff involved in and supporting research grant applications.  We have a range of self-guided resources and workshops for you to attend.  We partner with RIS to support researchers and can provide feedback on sections of your application.

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Writing your Research Grant

Your application is more than your case for support outlining your research idea and project. All reviewers are looking for evidence of your research leadership. What you can already evidence, and where or how you will develop those skills you cannot?

You may need to include:

  • Track Record or Resume for Researchers
  • Development plans for you and your team, particularly if you want to employ postdoctoral researchers
  • Examples of how you are contributing to a positive, inclusive Research Culture
  • How you will plan and deliver your research impact

We have a range of guides and resources to help you to consider the areas above as you write your proposal. There are also drop-in Q&A sessions throughout the year.

What you need to include and some ideas to get you started
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Our research leaders play a key role in our Research Culture by considering how they run their projects, recruit and manage their teams and model a positive research culture.
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Many UK funders now expect to see a statement on equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) in funding applications.
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Development comes in different forms not only formal workshops. Understand more about the 70:20:10 model and build a well thought through plan
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The University is a signatory to the Researcher Development Concordat. Find out how you can meet the responsibilities of the PI and help to support your researchers. This can inform the development and leadership aspects of your application.
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Researcher@Library helps researchers with open access, research data management, literature searching and increasing citations: online, in person and through workshops and events.
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