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Research Impact Resources

Welcome to the Research Impact Resources.

These pages are for researchers and those supporting research across the University and contain a variety of resources to support research impact. By research impact, we mean impact beyond the academy, rather than impact within academia. Start by reading our introduction to research impact 

Research Impact Development

OD&PL provision for developing your research impact, including the Building Impact Momentum Programme and Impact Coaching.

Envisioning, Planning and Evidencing Impact

Resources to help you identify potential impact, plan to achieve and evidence it when you do.

Impact in Grant Applications

Resources on research impact in your grant applications.

Policy Impact

Support for policy engagement at Leeds.


Find out about relevant networks in this area - the Impact Network and the Engaged Research Team.

Research Excellence Framework

Information about impact elements of the upcoming Research Excellence Framework 2029.


Research Culture Uncovered Research Impact playlist

The Research Culture Uncovered podcast covers a range of topics including open research, talent management, research careers and more. This playlist pulls together all the Research Impact themed episodes.

Fast Track Impact podcast

Fast Track Impact is Mark Reed's impact training and consultancy company. The podcast has been running for a number of years now and has ~100 episodes