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Impact in Grant Applications

Impact in Grant Applications

These resources focus on grant applications. Please see the sections on Envisioning Impact” and “Impact Planning” for resources for starting to plan your impact. 

Including Impact in UKRI applications

In this post, I outline my approach to including impact in a UKRI application. I am always happy to help you apply it. Drop me an email ( if you would like me to help. We can arrange a call (via Teams) to discuss your application.

Fast Track Impact’s suggested approach for UKRI applications

Mark Reed offers some great advice in this resource. It is based on his experience as both a grant author, reviewer and panel member. If you are thinking of using an external steering group / advisory panel in your application then you should have a read of Mark’s excellent advice.

Self-guided resources

These self-guided resources have been written for to deal with integrating impact into applications for specific schemes.

Impact in UKRI Future Leader Fellowship Applications

This resource is for applicants to the UKRI Future Leader Fellowship scheme.

Impact in UKRI Applications

This resource is for applications to any standard grant application.