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Concordat Annual Reports

Concordat Reporting

In signing up to the Concordat, The University of Leeds is committing to the monitoring and evaluation of our work to embed the Concordat.  We agree to: 

  • Undertake an initial gap analysis to compare our policies and practice against the Concordat Principles. 
  • Draw up and publish an action plan within a year of signing up to the Concordat. 
  • Set up processes for systematically and regularly gathering the views of the researchers we fund or employ, to inform and improve the organisation’s approach to and progress on implementing the Concordat. 
  • Identify a senior manager champion and associated group with relevant representation from across our organisation with responsibility for annual review and reporting on progress. 
  • Produce an annual report to our governing body (Research and Innovation Board), which includes our strategic objectives, measures of success, implementation plan and progress, and make this publicly available.