Postgraduate Researcher Supervision

“The University of Leeds is a research-intensive university with impact across regional, national and international boundaries. Our research is increasingly making an impact on global society and we have fruitful two-way relationships across a spectrum of external organisations. We are committed to building and maintaining these relationships at institutional level (through entities such as NEXUS and the Cultural Institute) as well embedding such engagement within our disciplines.

Our community of Postgraduate Researchers play an essential part in our passion for research and innovation. We are committed not just to the success of their research projects, but also to their individual development, both as effective and impactful researchers and as ethical and responsible global citizens. Working towards a Leeds Doctorate places them within a vibrant global community of researchers to share with and learn from, provides word-class professional training and development, disciplinary and inter-disciplinary supervision and collaboration, and support for their wellbeing.”

Luke Windsor, Dean of the Leeds Doctoral College

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OD&PL’s Research Supervision Community on MS Teams for supervisors and colleagues who support doctoral researchers is a place to access professional development resources, accreditation opportunities, news and policy developments and share practice. In the community you can access a new comprehensive online course called Supervising Doctoral Studies. It equips supervisors to deal with emerging challenges, so they can establish the best environment to support doctoral candidates to become independent researchers.

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Supporting your Supervision Practice Workshops

Our provision of workshops and resources support individuals to develop their research supervision practice in order to provide an excellent postgraduate researcher experience. We support postgraduate research (PGR) supervisors, internal examiners of research degrees and directors of research studies, with a range of development opportunities.

This course is for all staff new to supervision of PGRs or those needing a refresher after a gap in supervision. Develop best practice by focusing on the practical needs and drawing on examples. Graduate Board requires all supervisors to do this training before they act in the role, in line with QAA expectations.
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Access the pre-work and presentations that accompany the interactive workshop. This guide supports the online workshop and is not an alternative to attending.
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A session to explore the different cultural assumptions and expectations the various participants in the PhD endeavour bring to the experience; and to consider strategies to bridge these.
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This session aims to provide a space to explore feedback practices and consider ways of more efficiently and effectively mobilising your own writing expertise to scaffold the writing development of your PGRs
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For all staff new to the role of the internal examiner of research degrees at Leeds or those needing a refresher after a gap in experience. The course must be completed by an individual before their appointment as an internal examiner can be confirmed. Please note this course is relevant for the final oral examination (final PhD viva) and NOT the transfer viva. The Role of the Internal Examiner: learn more by contacting Postgraduate Research and Operations at:
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This course introduces you to the responsibilities of your new Director of Research Studies role. We cover: Co-ordinating admission Pastoral care Recording and monitoring progress and attendance of postgraduate researchers Liaison with Postgraduate Research and Operations.
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This forum is for Directors of Postgraduate Research, Postgraduate Research Administrators and associated staff with postgraduate research roles and interests. It provides an update on developments in University policies and procedures relating to postgraduate researchers. Learn more by contacting the Doctoral College:
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We are currently taking part in the UKCGE pilot of the Associate Supervisor award. If the pilot is successful it will be rolled out in July 2022. The scheme provides those early in their supervisory careers and those with informal supervisory roles to get recognition of their supervisory practice without having to be in a formal supervisory role or team.
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