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'Big Data' and Employability

If you are thinking, 'I'll find a list of skills from my area and that will tell me what I need'. That's the old way of doing employability that isn't up to the challenges of our highly dynamic world. Plus you'd be missing out on the massive potential of dynamic systems such as LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning*. Rather than a 'static' skills list put together some years a go, how about a continually updated trending skills list tailored to your specific interests? That's just one of the things that 'Big Data' systems such as LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning can give you.

There is a 'however', however, the options are vast! Over 5000 self-directed courses in LinkedIn Learning plus the self-directed materials available in the Leeds Doctoral College organisation in Minerva brought together with our wide ranging programmes of face to face workshops.

But we can help. Finding a way through all this and making all the potential work for you, requires a different approach to development. This is where the dynamic development model comes in offering a new approach and the tools and techniques you can take with you, as you evolve through out your career(s).

*You can login to LinkedIn Learning using your University of Leeds IT details.