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Development Group

Dynamic Development was created by the following development group:
(From 29th September 2017 to 4th May 2018)

Dr Tony Bromley, University of Leeds (Chair)

Sarah Gray, University of Leeds

Dr Jim Boran, University of Manchester

Dr Gail de Blaquiere, Newcastle University

Dr Richard Hinchcliffe, Independent consultant, previously University of Liverpool.

Dr Mark Proctor, University of Sunderland

Dr Sandrine Soubes, University of Sheffield

Dr Davina Whitnall, University of Salford


The Dynamic Development approach presented on this website is based upon the development of initial ideas first presented by Dr Tony Bromley at the Vitae International Researcher Development Conference 2016 in the workshop:

Bromley, T., [2016] ‘Flipped DevelopmentFrom passive to active development’ Vitae Researcher Development International Conference 2016, Manchester, 12th -13th SeptemberWorkshop outline

The subsequently published Vitae Occasional paper:

Bromley, T., [2017] ‘From passive to active development; the Static and Dynamic Development (SDD) model‘ in Vitae Occasional Papers Volume 4 p15. A collection of papers from the Vitae Researcher Development International Conference, 12-13 September 2016, Manchester, UK

The presentation at the Researcher Education and Development Scholarship 2018 conference:

Bromley, T., [2017] “Rethinking Skills: the Dynamic Development Model” Researcher Education and Development Conference, October 12th 2017, University of Leeds.

And, the further development of the ideas through the input of the  development group (University of Leeds Student Education Fellowship funded).