Research Culture Cafés

An opportunity for you to share experiences of our current research culture.

As part of our ongoing work to create and promote a positive and inclusive research culture we are holding a series of café style conversations.  These are based on the format used by the Wellcome Trust as a space to discuss challenges and propose ideas.   By getting involved you can contribute to discussion on the challenges you face, what we are already doing well and could share more widely, and what would a better culture look like.  The Cafés form part of an ongoing project to promote a positive research culture, and the discussions will help to propose solutions for how the institution could change.

Collaboration and community are key to a vibrant, healthy culture so come along and take part.  Have your say.

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How the Cafés work

Our Culture Cafés are run as small group discussions with a facilitator to help guide and direct the conversation.  There may be some questions used to help get the group started.  Groups will contain a mix of up to 10 people.  The facilitator will make notes but these will be anonymised.  At the end of each Café the challenges, examples of best practice and ideas will be shared with all participants through our Research Culture Community.

Get involved

Café conversations will be run regularly, approximately every two months. You are welcome to participate in as many as you wish. Each Café will have at least two themes (tables) aligned to our Research Culture roadmap:

  • Personal development, reward and recognition
  • Open research and impact
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in research
  • Responsible research and innovation
  • A collegiate and supportive environment

Upcoming Cafes

  • Wednesday 20 October 2021 – virtual tables include Reward and Recognition / Open Topic
  • Thursday 16 December 2021 – virtual tables include Career Development / Responsible Assessment
  • Wednesday 16th February 2022 – virtual tables include Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Research / Responsible Research
  • Thursday 10th March 2022 – special topic café on UK Research and Innovation’s new open access policy for publicly funded research
  • Monday 4th April 2022 – virtual tables include Open Research and Impact / Career Development
  • Tuesday 14th June 2022 – virtual tables include Reward and Recognition / Collegiate Environment
  • Thursday 4th August 2022 – virtual tables include Responsible Research / Open Research and Impact

Another part of the project is to build a Research Culture Community, a network to discuss further plans and to provide members with an opportunity to share their ideas and examples of best practice.  The Cafés and community will be supported by our new Research Culture Team.  Join the team and get involved.

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