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Your personal and professional development opportunities

LinkedIn Learning: Leeds Doctoral College Collection

(also an Apple IOS and Android app) Self-directed, on-demand and personalisable, provision both University of Leeds developed specifically for researchers and LinkedIn Learning developed; From Python, R, NVivo, MATLAB, Finite Element Analysis to time & project management, conference presenting, personal development and induction, thesis format, viva, GRAD guidance videos etc... Over 5000 courses on just about any and every development topic!

BOOST - Career Development for You

'Live' events:- BOOST, is our career development programme for researchers. Here you will find all the details and booking links for the events we are running to help you take control of your career.

Minerva: Leeds Doctoral College Organisation

Self-directed personal and professional development provision specifically for researchers, Doctoral College newsletters and notifications. Includes: induction, thesis format, viva, GRAD guidance videos etc...

Workshop style tutor led provision

Workshop style, tutor led provision in a seminar room setting is also provided from professional services across campus. Click on this link for a list of workshops available to book. (note this link feeds from a database so may take a moment to load)

Essential 'small print' to note!

Struggling to log on? Duo dual notification confusing? Can't seem to see content in Minerva? Hopefully you have no problems logging in to things but if you do, click here for some guidance.

Take ownership! Our approach to personal and professional development

How can you really take ownership of your personal and professional development? How can you build your employability? Click the image to go to a resource that takes you step by step through a model (the Dynamic Development model) that you can learn and then apply to your personal and professional development. The model allows you to understand your development, and what works for you so you can take control and personalise development so it works best for you.

Your employability: the right job for you!

In this resource (click the image) we bring together a dispositional and situational analysis tool with the power of a dynamic online employability platform to empower you in finding the right job for you. We show you how to move away from the generic and toward the specific for the job role you want.

Researcher Education and Development Scholarship Conference (REDS)

REDS is the conference for those interested in scholarship relating to researcher education and development. REDS takes the broadest view of who a ‘researcher’ is, and what development means or looks like in practice, across a range of contexts. Researcher Education and Development Scholarship is how we underpin our personal and professional development for researchers, supporting the creation, dissemination and application of innovative practice in the personal and professional development of researchers. The University of Leeds and OD&PL are proud organisers of this international conference.

Graduate Record of Achievement and Development GRAD

All PGRs and their supervisors can use the GRAD system to organise and report on supervision meetings, to create a training plan, to organise and record all regular progress monitoring meetings (first formal progress review, transfer, and annual progress reviews), and to manage ‘change requests’ including suspensions or extensions, annual leave, authorised absence and change of location. It will also support the final thesis examination.