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Career Development Opportunities

Career Development Opportunities

Our provision is a mix of self-guided resources and interactive sessions.  This page will be updated regularly as our resources and provision grows.

Interactive Sessions

BOOST - Career Development for Researchers

A whole programme of career focussed events including guest speakers, workshops, discussions and tools to support your career development

Self-Guided Resources

Career Anchors

Career anchors can help you understand preferences in areas of your work and can help you to identify roles that would suit you.

CAR Stories

CAR stories are an important part of your application and interview preparation, providing a useful structure to answer questions effortlessly and convincingly.

Getting the right CV

Use this self-guided learning resource to help you create the perfect CV.

Negotiating a Job Offer

If you've received a job offer, and don't feel confident negotiating, or just don't know how, this resource is designed to help.

Take ownership! Our approach to personal and professional development

How can you really take ownership of your personal and professional development? How can you build your employability? Learn to understand your development, and what works for you so you can take control and personalise development so it works best for you.

Your employability: the right job for you!

In this resource (click the image) we bring together a dispositional and situational analysis tool with the power of a dynamic online employability platform to empower you in finding the right job for you. We show you how to move away from the generic and toward the specific for the job role you want.