Professional development opportunities and resources

Identify courses, workshops, resources and information to support your professional development relevant to your experience or aspiration as a research leader  through the links below. Take into consideration the notes at the bottom of the page.

Getting to the point where you have a realistic chance of winning research funding.
Winning research funding.
Leading and managing research once you have research funding.
Where next as a PI?
Including being a research group leader.
Such as being a Director of Research and Innovation.

Notes on the courses, workshops, resources and information

  • Use the areas for provision, within each of 6 levels of experience, to prompt your thinking about your professional development needs. Not all areas have content listed against them.
  • Be prepared to see past the US business flavour some of the LinkedIn Learning  asynchronous material has a tendency to have and translate the content for application in a UK HE context.
  • To help you access LinkedIn Learning an introduction to LinkedIn Learning at Leeds and IT guidance on accessing LinkedIn Learning are available.
  • Plan to apply what you are learning which is only the start point for you professional development, the majority of which will happen whilst you are doing your job (70:20:10 model).
  • Delve into the websites of University services supporting research from which the information sources are taken from to find things to help and guide you as a research leader.
  • Some of the content listed is labelled as not currently available. It is hoped it will be provided in the future should resources allow.
  • Some workshops will be delivered online and others in person.