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Research Leadership Package

This package provides a single space for professional development provision available to support research leaders.

On this page you’ll find a package of development opportunities to support research leaders at Leeds to allow you to reflect and plan for your individual development needs. It brings together a range of existing and new opportunities and we will continue to add to this in future.  

The package is designed for current and aspiring principal investigators (PIs), those looking to build and develop research groups and collaborations, and those taking on university research leadership roles such as Director of Research and Innovation within a school. 

Navigating the package

Start with your professional development needs and move on to how to best address them.

Professional development needs

Approaches and frameworks to help you identify your development needs.

Peer support groups

Forming a group of fellow research leaders can provide a space to help you and your colleagues work through the challenges you encounter.

Mentoring and coaching

Seek guidance on your professional development from your mentor based on their area of expertise.
Facilitate your learning with a coach.

Workshops, courses, programmes and information

Provision to support your professional development.

Contact with your queries about this package.