ECR Development Steering Group

The Researcher Development Steering Group for Early Career Staff

The Researcher Development Steering Group has responsibility for providing continuous review and evaluation of the working environment for our researchers, with an emphasis on continuous improvement.  This includes responsibility for implementing the Researcher Development Concordat principles and our engagement with the HR Excellence process for external assurance of the University’s approach and practice.


  • Dr Catherine Davies (Chair, Dean for Research Culture)
  • Dr Oliver Harlen (Pro-Dean, Engineering and Physical Sciences)
  • Professor Alan Haywood (Pro-Dean, Environment)
  • Dr Emma Spary (OD&PL, Researcher Development and Culture Team Leader)
  • Ms Jo Squires (Human Resources, Resourcing and Employment)
  • Professor Matthew Treherne (Pro-Dean, Arts, Humanities and Cultures)
  • Professor Annie Wei (Deputy Pro-Dean, Business School)
  • Ms Ruth Winden (OD&PL, Careers with Research Consultant)
  • Professor Luke Windsor (Dean of the Doctoral College)
  • Ms Louise Woodcock (OD&PL, Co-Director)
  • 3 ECR representatives tbc January 2021 (institutional representatives not faculty reporting.  Must also be a member of ECR action group.  Where possible representatives will be from different faculties to the Pro-Deans)
  • By invitation as appropriate for agenda: representatives of other services providing training (library, careers, IT).

Note: The researcher development operations group will bring together the ECRDSG, PGRDSG and other services.

Terms of reference

  1. Setting priorities for researcher development; monitoring, evaluating and reporting on progress.
  2. Quality management and evaluation of researcher development provision.
  3. Communication and dissemination around developments and opportunities locally and in the wider sector.
  4. Meets quarterly

Minutes from meetings are available in our MS Team.