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ECR Development Action Group

ECR Development Action Group

The Researcher Development Action Group for Early Career Staff

The Researcher Development Action Group is an open group for anyone interested in, or holding a role in, the support of our researchers.  The action group will report into the steering group.   The action group is a community to discuss the challenges for ECRs and to provide feedback on our ongoing actions.  It will help inform our Concordat Action Plans by putting forward recommendations and proposals to the steering group.


Anyone can be a member of the ECR action group.  Meetings are held monthly.  This group and the steering group are supported by Teams, where you will find all details of the meetings, minutes and agendas.

Terms of membership

The Action Group will undertake to achieve the objectives listed below:

  • Promote the implementation of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers
  • Promote and further develop a strategic approach to career, research and professional skills development for early career researchers, aligned to the requirements of the Concordat
  • Provide feedback on recommendations from the ECR Development Steering Group on the development of university strategy and policy for career and professional skills development
  • Work with Organisational Development and Professional Learning to ensure career development and professional skills development opportunities for early career researchers are meeting the requirements of our researchers
  • Disseminate and promote good practice throughout the University
  • Seek and review feedback on provision from Faculty stakeholders, including early career researchers and the Pro-Deans for Research and Innovation
  • Identify and maintain appropriate mechanisms for consultation and communication with School and/or Faculty early career researchers
  • Meets monthly (as a trial, to be reviewed)

Minutes from meetings are available in our MS Team.