Research Culture

Research culture describes the environment in which research and innovation happens. It includes the ways in which we collaborate, communicate and interact; the behaviours, expectations, attitudes and values that shape how our research is developed, conducted, disseminated, and used; and the mechanisms by which our work is recognised and rewarded.

At the University of Leeds, we recognise and value everyone involved in research.  Participants; our collaborators and partners; academic, research and technical staff; colleagues in professional services; students, and those in many other diverse roles within the University all make essential contributions. Together we arrange, enable, conduct, and participate in research.

We believe that all members of our research community have a role to play in developing and promoting a positive and inclusive research culture, here you can find out more about the work we are doing to support Research Culture and how you can get involved.

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Research Culture at The University of Leeds

Our statement on Research Culture is our commitment to achieving positive change. It identifies five broad themes to promote a more supportive, inclusive, and collaborative environment:

  • Personal development, reward and recognition
  • Open research and impact
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in research
  • Responsible research and innovation
  • A collegiate and supportive environment
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Meet the people and governance groups supporting Cat as Dean for Research Culture
We have created a sway guide to encourage researchers to think more deeply about Research Culture as part of their proposal and ongoing role in research leadership.
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Examples of case studies, initiatives, projects and best practice for enhancing our Research Culture at Leeds
Read our report to help develop an improved post-pandemic research culture and environment that will not only be more resilient during business as usual, but also during times of future challenge or disruption.
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Join a new Leeds Research Culture Crucible Programme, aiming to bring colleagues together to work on projects to influence cultural change within research at Leeds
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A fantastic way to recognise and celebrate all that our colleagues have achieved and the efforts that have gone into making Leeds an inclusive, collaborative and supportive community.
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